On Location Photography

Looking for shots of your business for promotional materials? We can provide on location photography services for your business. Whether it’s outdoor architecture shots, interior shots, product, or other photography services please get in touch with us and we can discuss how we can meet your photography needs.


Many of our photos are available for stock image licensing in your online or print campaigns. The decision on whether or not a Royalty Free, or Rights Managed, license is available is determined by us based on the image and whether or not we want to control and limit the usage of the photo.

Due to copyright protection, there are some photos we do not offer for licensing.

Royalty Free

Royalty Free licensing allows you to pay a single license for unlimited use of an image in both your online or print campaigns. Pricing is based on the size and resolution of the image you purchase. The Royalty Free license does not provide you the ability to create Fine Art Prints out of the licensed image.

Rights Managed

Rights managed licensing is more restrictive and limits you to the specific usage as outlined in your purchase agreement. For example, if you license the image for use in a web campaign, an additional fee and license is required for additional uses of the image. Rights Managed licenses are tightly controlled and provides you, the licensee, assurances that the photo being licensed will be fairly unique and not in use by your competitors. For exclusive use of specific images, please contact us directly at sean@redinkphotography.com.


Fine Art Prints

Many of our photos are available as fine art prints that can be hung on the wall of your home or office.

To purchase prints of our Fullerton Prints series please visit the redinkphotography fine art store. If you would like to inquire about purchasing a series of signed photos, please contact us directly at sean@redinkphotography.com or call us at 714.317.9533.

A small sample of the images available as a Fine Art Prints is shown above. We also have series of Historic Fullerton Fine Art Prints available for purchase and for a unique gift visit our online store featuring Custom Hand Made Tiles.



Historic Fullerton Prints

Founded in 1887 Fullerton is one of the oldest cities in Orange County, California. A center of agriculture and a railroad transportation hub, Fullerton boasts of a long and storied history along with a plethora of historic landmark buildings. Many of the historic buildings in Fullerton date back to the 1920’s, including the Fox Theatre and the Muckenthaler house (now a Cultural Center).

Many of these historic locations have been saved, and still create fascinating subjects. Utilizing modern tools, I have created a series of images that harken back to the early days of Fullerton. Black and White images, presented in a square format, these prints make a wonderful addition to your home or office wall.

To purchase prints from our Historic Fullerton Prints series please visit the redinkphotography fine art store. If you would like to inquire about purchasing a series of signed photos, please contact us directly at sean@redinkphotography.com or call us at 714.317.9533.

We also offer Fine Art Prints of any of our Fullerton photos and images and for a unique gift visit our online store for Custom Handmade Tiles.

Photo Tiles

A unique gift for any occasion. Each of our marble photo tiles are created by hand utilizing a gel matte image transfer process and photos we have taken. Because of the nature of the process, each tile is unique and has a vintage feel. Sealed with polyurethane, the tiles are heat and water proof, perfect for use as coasters or for display along your book case or mantle.

Our tiles feature not only the City of Fullerton, but other Orange County locations, and locations throughout the world.

Visit our online tile marketplace. We also offer a series of Fullerton and Historic Fullerton Fine Art Prints.

We also have a limited number of tiles available for purchase at the Fullerton Rutabegorz location.


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the best source for high quality stock imagery for the city of Fullerton, California and some of the surrounding North Orange County communities. Born and raised in Fullerton, California we have a unique perspective on what makes the city of Fullerton great. As long time residents of the city we can also quickly add new and exciting imagery as the city continues to grown.

Fairly unique for Orange County, Fullerton has a long and storied history, a history we hope to capture with some of our images and photos.

If you aren’t in the market for stock images, we hope you will still view our galleries, and if you find an image you love you can also order fine art prints to hang on your walls or office.